Ebola Orphans Symposium

On 19th February 2015, EngAyde will organise its first Symposium focused on creating a platform for a much needed discussions on long term plans for Sierra Leonean’s Ebola affected children. This event, with the help of BOND UK, will bring together members of the Sierra Leonean diaspora and key and UK based international agencies that are championing child protection issues, education and psycho-social support programmes for children in Sierra Leone.

Registration details to follow. In the meantime, please complete the attached form to find our more.

Expert Clusters

During this event, we will be seeking to identify concerned Sierra Leoneans with expertise in the areas of child protection, social welfare, psychosocial support to form expert cluster that will drive future policy advisory and and advocacy work for children in Sierra Leone. If this sounds like something up your street, then please contact us at events@engayde.org.

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