EngAyde is a group of concerned Sierra Leoneans committed to inspiring and mobilising the Sierra Leone diaspora to take a concerted lead in responding to the current and long term impact of the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.
The name ‘EngAyde’ is derived from a well-known Krio saying which means ‘let’s put our heads together’.

After weeks of deliberation, EngAyde was born with the purpose of creating a one-stop-shop-online-platform aimed at brokering information and giving guidance on taking action for Ebola, in response to the nuanced interests of the Sierra Leonean community at home and abroad

Four months in, the world became aware of the increasing global public health threat of Ebola. The Sierra Leonean diaspora virtually community was saturated with news about EVD exploding violently across their country, leaving a trail of casualties that extended beyond those directly affected. EngAyde decided to do a stock-take of the situation at this point, in consultation with the diaspora.

Following the consultation which took place in November and December 2014, EngAyde refocused its strategic aims to two emerging themes:

    1. Protection and sustainable care and support for Ebola children
    2. Psycho-social support for Ebola affected families and local health care workers

Our Mission

EngAyde is committed to advocating for, connecting and influencing decisions and actions that will lead to long term care and psycho-social support for Ebola affected children and local health care workers in Sierra Leone; as part of our commitment to see Sierra Leoneans’ taking a lead role in the post Ebola reconstruction of Sierra Leone.

Our Vision

We envision a newly reconstructed post Ebola Sierra Leone that boasts of strengthened social and health care institutions, where vulnerable children and families can thrive as healthy, educated and well-engaged citizens, who aspire to give back to their country.


What we do

Our work is essentially about campaigning and brokering of information & partnerships that align with our aims.

We do this by:


We carry out well-thought out thematic awareness and fundraising campaigns to support our work for Ebola affected children and local health care workers in Sierra Leone.

View our current campaign here: OurVillageOurChildren

Brokering information:

We facilitate and organise thematic campaign related events that are aimed at connecting people, brokering linkages and catalysing collaborative efforts in support of long term strategies for Ebola affected children and local health care workers.

Throughout our platforms, we strive to offer a combination of:

  1. Inspiration: we provide news, updates and case studies about Sierra Leonean organisations and major actors taking action around our key themes.
  2. Insight: We share commentaries, analysis and ideas that shed light on the socio-economic situation affecting orphans and frontline local health care workers in Sierra Leone.

Brokering partnerships through events & meetings:

Facilitate and organising thematic campaign related events and meetings that are aimed at connecting people, brokering linkages and catalysing collaborative efforts in support of long term strategies for Ebola affected children and local health care workers.

How we work

As a strategic Sierra Leonean diaspora organisation, we seek to actively engage and create opportunities to collaborate with credible diaspora, local and international based organisations that are committed to the following objectives:

  1. Advocate for long term care and psychosocial support for Ebola affected children and local health care workers.
  2. Create content and initiatives to inspire and mobilise the diaspora to take a concerted lead role in responding to the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone.
  3. Build strategic partnerships with well-established international partners battling to end the fight against Ebola, in an effort to broker linkages with diaspora groups and local organisations.
  4. Showcase and promote the work of our partners across all our platforms.

Our Village our Children

EngAyde’s ourvillageourchildren campaign is an urgent call to action for Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora and likeminded friends to join our movement to demand for the prioritisation of long term solutions to ensure the protection, welfare and psychosocial support of Ebola affected children


EngAyde’s #ourvillageourchildren campaign is as much about mobilising the Sierra Leonean diaspora as key actors, as it about influencing key decision makers in Sierra Leone and within the international community, that are currently involved with ending the Ebola crisis and its impact on Sierra Leone.


  1. OVOC Event Program/Speaker Profile
  2. Engayde Campaign Briefing

Additional Resources


ACT NOW! OurVillageourChildren 

We have all been moved to tears and paralysis over the past 6 months by the tragic images and stories of young children made vulnerable by the loss of their parents as a result of the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone. Thousands of children now face a future of many obstacles and uncertainties.

EngAyde believes in the African proverb that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. This is why we are asking you; our brothers, sisters and friends within the Sierra Leonean diaspora “global village” to join our #ourvillageourchildren movement of key actors working together to identify and create long-term solutions to ensure the protection, welfare and psychosocial support for Ebola affected children in Sierra Leone.

Join the movement to secure a better future for Sierra Leone’s most vulnerable children. It’s #OurvillageOurchildren!

  • Sign our pledge to commit your time, talent or money to create sustainable solutions that will help secure a better future for Sierra Leone’s Ebola affected Children.

Together we can pour a million droplets of action to create a mighty ocean of opportunities that will lead to a safer and more secure environment in which Sierra Leone’s children can thrive and grow up to become independent and active citizens

‘Reflections on ‘OurVillageOurChildren’2015’ is a short report that attempts to provide a comprehensive overview of EngAyde’s inaugural event; OVOC2015 Symposium, which was held on 19th February 2015. The event, which was co-organised with BOND-UK, brought together some 60 delegates from the INGO and Sierra Leone diaspora communities in the UK to discuss long term plans for securing a better future for Sierra Leone’s Ebola affected Children.

The report includes highlights from the four segments of the event programme as well as key contributions from speakers and delegates, alike. The document goes on to outline the main points from the three thematic workshops and concludes with the key actions and next steps proposed, following the event.

Our Latest Videos

#Ourvillageourchildren Pledge

I stand with EngAyde to demand for the prioritisation of long term solutions to ensure the protection, welfare and psychosocial support for Ebola affected children.
I commit to supporting EngAyde’s #Ourvillageourchildren’s campaign by investing a portion of my time or resources over the next 12 months, to help build a better future for Sierra Leone’s Ebola Affected children.

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EngAyde with us

There are many ways you can help us create a better future for Ebola Orphans and Local Health Care workers in Sierra Leone. All you have to do is get involved. Whether it's campaigning, lobbying, fundraising, sharing our work, taking part in events or volunteering. Join in, let’s make the change we want to see happen!

Campaign with us

Ebola Affected Children

The effect of the Ebola outbreak on children in Sierra Leone has been devastating. As of 21stJanuary 2015, UNICEF’s Family Tracing and Reunification Network in Sierra Leone estimated that 15,623 children have been directly affected by Ebola. Over 8,019 were noted to have lost one or both parents to the disease and 565 being unaccompanied or separated from their caregiver. Even though the last few weeks have seen a decrease in case numbers in Sierra Leone, the death toll continues to rise. It is likely that the number of children displaced by Ebola will increase exponentially before the end of the epidemic.Read more… 

Local Health Care workers

“Those who are lucky, have survived the virus but have been stigmatised, left to stand alone, to carry their pains, their trauma and loneliness,” Isaac Bayoh, an Ebola quarantine and awareness worker in Sierra Leone.

The statement above aptly summarises the grim situation healthcare workers face in the current fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone. As of 11 January 2015, a total of 843 healthcare workers (HCWs) are known to have been infected with the Ebola virus disease (EVD) in all affected and previously affected countries. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 500 HCWs have died. 221 (44.2%) of those were Sierra Leonean healthcare workers . Many others are dying, in some cases even unreported. The challenge however, remains for those alive and still in the frontline.Read more…

Volunteer with Us

EngAyde is led by a small team of dedicated volunteers. We believe in the ability and integrity of patriotic Sierra Leoneans to work together (both within EngAyde and in collaboration with partners) to ensure the good of their country. As a new set up, volunteering is a crucial part of our make-up. We therefore embrace with enthusiasm, the ideas and passion of new talents, as we develop and learn from one another, to create a lasting change for Sierra Leone’s vulnerable children and fragile health and social care systems.

Join our campaign

Whilst we are in the throes of rolling out our new campaign, we will be stretched with recruitment of new members into the group. However, we are looking for short term contributors to support our current campaign.

If you have been moved by our goals and would like to support #OurvillageOurchildren campaign, please click here to complete our form, indicating your specific area of interest.

If however, you prefer to hold off for a deeper and meaningful relationship with EngAyde, then you are exactly the sort of person we would like to hear from. Please send an email with your CV or short profile and cover letter stating why you would like to join EngAyde and the area of work that interests you, to info@engayde.org.

Please note that being a small team, we may not get back to you straight away, so do bear with us. Your interest in supporting us is as important to us as our work itself.

Conn@ct with us

Connect with us:

Across our various social media platforms:

  • Twitter: Follow us on Twitter to learn about our responses and reactions to international news, developments and policies related to our Ebola orphans and local frontline workers in Sierra Leone. Here we also tell stories about the amazing work that Sierra Leoneans are undertaking to combat the war on Ebola and its effect on children.
  • Instagram: If you are visual creature or just prefer your updates in visuals, then follow us on Instagram for your regular dose of inspirational stories told in pictures about children, health workers and local unsung heroes who constantly triumph over Ebola in Sierra Leone.
  • FB: like us on Facebook to stay informed on what’s happening across our work; with news, views and blogs that will bring you analysis, insights and achievements on ours and our partners work as well as general development on Ebola related issues in Sierra Leone.
  • LinkedIn: Join the debate and discussions amongst professional Sierra Leoneans on Linkedin on post Ebola reconstruction as it relates to our vision for children and Health Care Workers, and other developing issues in Sierra Leone.

Meet with us: Events

Meet with us:

EngAyde would simply not have existed without the amazing support of our online supporters who connect us with news on the ground; source timely information and; link partners together for direct action. As much as we enjoy this dynamic virtual collaboration, there is nothing quite like face to face discussion and action to bring about a seismic shift in an urgent situation.

As we get a better hang of the epidemiology of Ebola and news of shrinking case numbers becomes the norm in Sierra Leone, we believe it is time for the diaspora to sit up straight to focus on plans about the long term reconstruction of Sierra Leone.

To this end, EngAyde plans to coordinate a series of quarterly events that focus on 2 key areas:

  • Brokering of information, ideas and potential partnerships both amongst Sierra Leoneans and; between the diaspora and external partners.
  • Raising awareness and funds for local and diaspora based organisations that share our aims for Ebola affected child and support for local health care workers.

February Events

Ebola Orphans Symposium

On 19th February 2015, EngAyde will organise its first Symposium focused on creating a platform for a much needed discussions on long term plans for Sierra Leonean’s Ebola affected children. Find out more & Register.

May Events

‘OurvillageOurchildren’ Fundraising Arts Festival

As part of our #ourvillageouchildren Ebola Orphans campaign, EngAyde plans to coordinate a one day arts and culture fundraising festival in London, in April. The donations raised at this event will go towards local and diaspora based Sierra Leonean organisations supporting Ebola orphans on the ground.Find out more



EngAyde’s editorial team curates balanced multimedia content around pressing and long term issues affecting Sierra Leone during the Ebola crisis. Our editors have been cited in the BBC, Politico, This is Africa amongst many other print and online platforms.

Overcoming Ebola-Weekly Radio Programme

Committed to promoting solidarity and support between Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad, EngAyde launched a radio series “Overcoming Ebola” on the 29th of September 2014. The program is presently hosted by a Khadi Mansaray, a core member of EngAgyde and a well-known journalist at home and abroad.

EngAyde will host a dialogue between various cross-sections of the community affected by this crisis, forging connections and links with groups, individuals and networks in the diaspora. Guests will include frontline heroes like the distinguished surgeon Dr John Songa Williams, diaspora activists and Ebola survivors.

Audiences should expect well-balanced content with exclusive interviews with some of the front liners in the fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone. “Overcoming Ebola” will be aired every week on Sierra Leone’s national radio station, SLBC.

We bring you our very first edition. “Overcoming Ebola” will be aired every Monday on Sierra Leone’s national radio station SLBC.

Contact EngAyde

Contact (EngAyde with) us at

Media related queries: media@engAyde.org

Coordination related queries: brokerage@engAyde.org

General information/partnership: info@engAyde.org

Events: events@engAyde.org